Sunday, November 10, 2013

Buen Viaje ! Read these tips to have a pleasant and unique adventure

Follow these tips and we assure you will have a pleasant and unique adventure on every trip you make. The important thing is to enjoy the experiences that life offers .

Lima. To avoid surprises and bad times , we plan also minor details which , if not provided , could cause our journey to become an unpleasant experience.

Therefore, makes the following recommendations are to always have a pleasant and memorable trip .

• Before boarding the plane : One of the things to remember to have a pleasant flight is to limit the number of items they carry. If you only have a small hand bag instead of large bags , its boarding process will be much faster and less cumbersome. Remember , you only need to carry the objects that you will actually use during the flight and pack everything else should go with your checked baggage.

• On the plane : If you can choose the seat avoid those near the bathrooms down the hall , as they are the noisiest areas of the aircraft. Also, for flights over two hours we recommend you choose aisle seats as you can stand freely without disturbing other passengers and further stretch your legs comfortably.

• Children Flights : Please note that only children under 2 years old can travel without paying passenger as long as you do sitting on the lap of one of his companions . Similarly, if you are traveling with more than one child is preferable to do together , but there is a chance you can not find seats available for everyone in the same row.

• At the destination : You must remember that customs are not equal in all destinations to visit , therefore, certain behaviors that are acceptable in one country may be considered offensive and insulting in another , to avoid uncomfortable situations is good information on embassies or online about the customs and traditions.

• Villagers : A good recommendation to please the people of the city where it is located is learn a few words of the local language . The effort to learn and use will be greatly appreciated by the locals, plus you can open roads or offer new opportunities.

• Security: When driving in the vicinity of fate stay alert and be careful. If you lose either walking or driving , do not show it . Avoid giving the feeling lost as it is very likely to bring more problems , in these cases, try to find a police officer or security person who can guide , or find a phone number where you can find out how to get to a safe point .

• In the hotel : For convenience and safety , choose a hotel located on busy roads and preferably located on main avenues. We also remind you that we have agreements with best hotels in the world with amazing deals , just visit our website and find a list of more than 150 000 hotels, you only need to choose the that more than fits your budget .

• Calls : If you need to make local or international calls , please note that make them from your room phone service is much more expensive than using a calling card . Consider this option especially long calls